• Due to a backlog of orders, any new work taken on will have a lead time of 12 months.
  • We will consider taking personal or collector’s projects, however our priority is to our corporate customers, and these will always come first, so personal projects may be delayed and take longer than 12 months.
  • As explained below, a large proportion of the work we do for your project is the research, planning and design stage. Nothing is actually built and put together until near the end of the project (about 90% into the job), so we are unable to show progress photos of the model being built as that part of it happens near the end of the job. All we can show is unassembled parts before then if requested.
  • As all models are custom made we do not keep models in stock.


Proof of Concept

Showcasing your design and highlighting anything that needs enhancing or correcting in…

Tender Winners

Include one of our models with your bid for the project to…


Picking up wrinkles in design with our decades of experience and firsthand…

Spectacular Presentos

Presenting our model to your client for their office or building as…

Your showcase

A model for your building foyer to showcase your product is a spectacular…

Trade Show Scale Replicas

Rather than bring the real thing to trade shows at huge expense,…


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Defence Models and Graphics was formally established in 1997 (with many years experience before then) to provide clients with finely detailed scale models. In 2010 we grew to become a Proprietary Limited company, an exciting new step for us. DMG has grown into what is today one of the finest model manufacturing businesses in the world.


Years of Experience
hundreds of
over 20
Years of Military Service


Russ French

Master Model Maker

Teresa French

Administration and Finance


First we dream - research and plan
Next we design - moulds and laser cut parts
Lastly we build - putting it all together

We take your dream, concept or design and work out magic.
We then break this down to picture just how we can construct it to a scale and display that shows your design off to its very best.

Now that we have finalised exactly what you require, we break it down into components for design and construction.
Masters for moulding are made and patterns for laser cutting.
This is the most time consuming part of the project, and takes the longest to complete, with not a lot visually to show until it all comes together in the next phase.

Once the Design work is done, and moulds and patterns completed, we can begin construction.
Only the best materials go into our models. We have found a great combination of materials which work well together. They provide us with the ability to provide fine details to your model that are hard to beat.
This, with our military and model making experience, give a finish that is hard to surpass.


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