AWAS Aircraft

In the middle of 2004, DMG was tasked by AWAS, previously known as ANSETT WORLDWIDE AIRCRAFT SERVICES, to repaint some model aircraft they had on display with their new corporate logo “AWAS”. The models were originally produced by PACIFIC MINIATURES who specialise in commercial aircraft models. “PACMIN” produce beautiful models for many of the worlds airlines to display in their corporate offices and travel agencies.

Two models, a B-767 and AIRBUS A330, were given to us to re-badge as prototypes. Upon completion of these two models an initial batch of 25 models from AWAS’s Sydney office were repainted.

In total approximately 60 models were repainted with the new logo. The models covered the inventory of AWAS aircraft and included B747-400, B777, B737, Airbus A300, A330 and Airbus A320s. All models are now complete and all new models purchased from PACMIN will incorporate the new logo and paint scheme.