ALLIGHT Mobile Lighting Tower

In mid 2004 DMG was approached by ALLIGHT in Perth, WA, to construct a number of models of their mobile lighting towers. These towers can often be seen at road work sites, construction sites, sporting events and mining operations all over Australia.

At first the model was to be a small cast model that could be reproduced to be used as corporate gifts. This model soon grew to become a fully working 1:10th scale model of a prototype being constructed by the company in WA. Plans and photos of the prototype taking shape were passed to DMG and the model soon took shape.

The model had to be constructed much in the same way as the real tower as this had to fold and extend in the same way as the full sized version which extends to a height of almost 10 metres. The top arm carries six large spot lights which turn night into day.

The model was constructed from sheet styrene with metal axles and fittings. The tower section was constructed from telescoping brass square tube to enable it to extend to its full height whilst the lights were moulded in polyurethane resin in several pieces. Fitted into the lights were 5mm white LEDs. These were used as they produced a similar blue hue to the real lights, don’t emit heat and last longer than normal incandescent globes. Power for the lights came from a 240 volt to 12 volt transformer which plugged into the body of the trailer.

The trailer was finished in safety yellow and ALLIGHT provided 1:10th scale decals to finish the model off to look as close to the real version as possible. The new mobile lighting tower and the model were unveiled together at a large trade show held in Los Angeles in October 2004.
Click on one of the following images for a larger picture.


Model folded, ready to tow.


Model with the tower raised.


The tower raised and extended.


Tower raised and lights on.