Western Earthmoving

Western Earth Moving is a large earth works company based in the central west of Sydney. In 2004 they had a long-time worker with the company retiring and wanted a different but suitable retirement gift for him. They approached DMG to see what we could do. They had a couple of “CAT” models which they hoped we could do something with. We came up with the idea of producing a small diorama of a road construction site using the existing models and attaching a suitably engraved plaque.

We constructed a base with polished timber edges and using model railway supplies for road base and gravel, built a road construction scene. The models where attached to the base after printing and applying WEM decals to the roller and grader. The trophy was presented to him at his going away dinner.

Following this trophy we were again asked to help out with another one for the company. WEM held an annual competition at the company’s Christmas party of a “Boot Throwing” competition. They had a child’s Wellington boot which they needed gold plated and mounted on a suitable plaque. A timber backing plaque was made and the boot was filled with stuffing and resin to make it completely rigid. It was gold plated and mounted along with and engraved plaque. Smaller plaques would be attached each year bearing the winner’s name.