Early in 2005, DMG was approached by National Roads (NATROAD) to enquire if we could help them with construction of a new model truck. Their existing model was getting on in years and it was time to update. The model had been used extensively as a perpetual trophy for the NATROADS Trucking Company of the Year. Each year the model had the winner’s name sign written on the side of the trailer and was presented at their National Conference held at various locations around Australia.

As Kenworth Trucks was helping with the cost of the model, the model to be constructed was to be one of the new Kenworth T604 Prime Movers with a box type trailer.

The model was based on the TAMIYA 1:14 scale Ford Aeromax RC model truck. The chassis was built as per the kit instructions but minus the motor, gearbox and drive train which was not necessary as it was to be a static model. The body though was a different story and was completely rebuilt with several new panels and lots of puttying and re-sculpting and the addition of many new parts. The body was altered dramatically in shape with new grill, exhausts, bonnet, air scoops, roof top air-dam and lights.

The trailer used was the TAMIYA Flat Bed Semi-trailer. Once again the chassis was built out of the box, but a completely new top was constructed. This was built from Evergreen Styrene sheet. The two side panels were made removable so they could be easily removed for sign-writing. Previously the entire model had to be taken to the sign writer to have the winners name placed on the side of the trailer, but by having the sides removable, only the panels need to be sent and the truck model can stay at NATROAD’s Head Office in Canberra for safe keeping.

The model was delivered to Canberra for display at the National Conference. We expect this model will last as long, if not longer, than their previous model which had given them sterling service.

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