Helicopter Repainting for Australian Aerospace

Following the initial order to repaint an Australian Aerospace EC-135 helicopter model for their client, DMG has been repainting helicopter models ever since. The models come from Italy and are painted in an undercoat white.

These models are sent to our workshops along with the colour scheme required. From this artwork we recreate the scheme as a decal or paintwork and using an airbrush and these decals we produce a miniature of Aerospace’s client’s aircraft for presentation. Part of DMG’s job is to sometimes add a few extra details which are unique to the clients particular aircraft

We have so far produced replicas of the EC-135 used by QLD Emergency Services, an AS350B for “Seaworld”, an AS350B for “Helicopters NZ LTD”, an AS350B for “AZURE”, an EC-135 for “Wright Patton Shakespeare”, four AS350Bs for Channel 9 News and several other private aircraft including EC-135, EC-120 and AS350B helicopters.

Pictures of some of these models are below.