ASLAV Type 1 1:10

The Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) is a modified version of the General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada built “LAV-25 Piranha” Vehicle built for the US Marine Corps. Final assembly is carried out in Adelaide, South Australia by General Dynamics Land Systems – Australia, where the Australian Modifications are done and the Australian built “DELCO” Turret is fitted. They are built in a number of variants for the Regular Australian Army and perform a number of roles. They can be seen patrolling the vast area of northern Australia or on the narrow dirt roads of East Timor where they are used by Australian troops in UN duties. The Type 1 vehicle is manned by a crew of three.

The models pictured here are Type 1 ASLAVs with the 25mm DELCO Turret. The models are built for General Dynamics Land Systems – Australia and are built to a scale of 1:10. They are big models, measuring some 650mm in length and are built entirely of plastic, polyurethane casting resin and brass.

The first model was presented to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, based in Darwin, by GDLS-A’s Marketing Manager, Mr John Harriot. The second model is on display at GDLS-A’s Head Office in Adelaide, the third at GDLS-A’s Production Facility at Pooraka, SA and the fourth model is on display at GDLS-A’s Office in Canberra, ACT.

In early 2009 we were asked by GDLS-A to modify two of the models (numbers 3 and 4) to the current Phase III upgrades. This included new view finders for the turret, revised cargo bustle on the left side of the vehicle, additional storage box on the right side of the body and the spare tyre carrier on the rear.

These modifications were carried out to both models and whilst there received some touch up painting, additional detail and markings. One of the models is now on display at GDLS-A’s marketing Office in Canberra whilst the other was presented to 2/14th Regiment in Brisbane who operate the ASLAV.

A fifth large model has now been completed and is now on display with DMO Land Systems in Canberra. It is used for displays at various functions on the DMO stand. It is usually joined on display with several other 1:10 scale models we have produced for DMO including a BUSHMASTER and a Mercedes Benz “G” Wagon 6×6.

The Third Model

The model of the ASLAV Type 1 Fighting Vehicle as completed by General Dynamics Land Systems – Australia (Adelaide, South Australia).

Construction of the ASLAV Type 1

This photo shows the Underside of the ASLAV Model body shell. The chassis detail is completed underneath and the upper detail is still being added. The entire chassis is constructed from varying thicknesses of Evergreen Styrene Sheet. The axles, wishbones, and shock absorbers are all cast in polyurethane resin.

The front of the body shell is now completed and primed. The large radiators and engine access hatches have been added to the body or engraved into the plastic using a small bit fitted to a Dremel Tool. Approximately 500 individual pieces have gone into the body so far.

The body and turret are now complete and primed ready for the camouflage paint scheme. The red primer helps the final paint coat to adhere to the plastic surface of the model. This coat also shows any small imperfections in the body such as small holes or cracks which can be filled prior to final painting.

Model 1

The camouflage has been sprayed using colours mixed from their FS (Federal Standard) numbers or from AS (Australian Standard) numbers. The pattern was taken directly from painting diagrams supplied by GDLS-A. The final exterior details are now added which were moulded also in polyurethane resin. These include fuel cans, tools, aerials bases and the MAG-58 7.62mm Machine Gun.

Model 3

Model 3

The completed model prior to being attached to its base. A Perspex display case will cover and protect the model. The base is made with a small Perspex mirror under the body simulating a puddle, which enables the reflection of the detailed under-body to be seen more easily.
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Model 1
Model 2
Model 4
Phase III Modified Models for 2/14th Regiment
Model 5