As well as the Boeing C-17 model for Defence Material Organisation (DMO) we were asked to build a fairly large scale model of the Navy’s new SIKORSKY MH-60 “Romeo” SEAHAWK for display. We initially looked at building this model in a scale of around 1:24, however we were once again restricted in the size of the display case so it was decided to build the model to a scale of 1:35 and utilise the Academy 1:35 scale BLACKHAWK kit and modify it into the SEAHAWK. We had done something similar with the JAYHAWK models we had built and had mouldings of several compatible parts already.

The BLACKHAWK requires a lot of new body work with new sides to the fuselage and cabin door on the right hand side only. The sonar buoy ejector tubes (25 rounds) were laser cut and fitted to the left side along with a new larger single window and the long weapon sponson with stub wings for the HELLFIRE Missile rack. A new tail rotor pylon and stabiliser were cast and fitted to the cut off tail boom. You can see many of the modifications in the photo below. The original fuselage of the kit is in light grey whilst the cast parts are cream in colour and the new styrene parts are in white. Many new parts were moulded for all the new “lumps and bumps” that the new Romeo carries around its fuselage.

We were provided with a diagram of the new paint scheme and markings of the Romeo and these were made up on our laser printer. The scheme at present is the same as the standard USN aircraft, but I am sure over time this will change to become a unique Australian colour scheme as our original SEAHAWKs now have.

To show the new aircraft in its natural element at sea, we built the entire stern section of the new “HOBART” Class Destroyer to fit the model on to. This included the flight deck and transom with all flight deck nets and the main face of the hanger area with deck lights and hangar door. This was built from Evergreen styrene and painted with all the flight deck markings of the new HOBART.

The model fitted nicely inside the display case and the model was delivered along with the C-17 to the DMO stand at the 2013 Avalon Airshow.