Big changes for us – why we have been so quiet

Well, it has been a long time between posts, hasn’t it!

We have had a lot of  changes in the past four years, and a lot of life events keeping us occupied.

After opening our hobby and model shop along came covid (wretched thing doesn’t deserve capital letters). Along with everyone else on the planet, this really threw us for a six, but then on top of that, Teresa was diagnosed with cancer in 2021 and that was a whole other story in itself. Short story is that it was caught early and a simple (but huge) surgery got all the cancer and she was declared free of the wretched thing.

Then in 2022, just over a year ago at time of writing, we suffered a catastrophic disaster in our place of business – flooding (unrelated to any natural event – instead caused by humans – not us!) forced us to cease work and damaged a lot of our equipment. We had insurance, but unfortunately it didn’t cover everything as we were forced by this event to find new premises – we couldn’t work in the old place which was going to take too long to be repaired and we couldn’t afford to be out of action for that long.

We were very lucky in that there were newly renovated and larger premises just over the road from the old place – we were able to move in almost straight away, so it was only a couple of weeks before we could start moving across the road, however it took many weeks to get everything in the new shop, and many more months to recover from the trauma of this event. We only really got up to full production many months later.

Russ has been working steadily on many of his projects, and has started delivering them to our very patient and understanding customers. He will write about his projects as he can find the time to take away from actually finishing the jobs!

On another note – Russ was interviewed for a piece on an episode of Backroads – their team came to Uralla in the last few weeks and did a number of stories around town. The episode on Uralla, including the piece on Russ we have been told will air in January 2024.

– posted 31 March 2023

EDIT – 24 Jan 24 – The episode of Backroads was on ABC last night, here is the link, but I think you will have to login (for free) to iView to see it: