Wind Turbines and Wind Farm

One of the more unusual models we have done came at the request of a local group promoting Wind Energy in the New England area. They asked us for some ideas to promote their cause. We came up with the […]

1:50 scale A330 and A320 models

In August 2012 we were contacted by a company in Brisbane asking if we could repair and repaint some large models they had acquired through an auction. They needed the large 1:50 scale A330 models (two of) and an A320 […]


Ever since I was very little, I have always had a fascination with the British Aerospatiale CONCORDE Super Sonic Transport (SST) as I was only 5 when she first flew and have seen it many times during the years on […]

Helicopter Repainting for Australian Aerospace

Following the initial order to repaint an Australian Aerospace EC-135 helicopter model for their client, DMG has been repainting helicopter models ever since. The models come from Italy and are painted in an undercoat white. These models are sent to […]

Snowy Hydro Southcare Bell 412SP

We were asked some time ago about the possibility of rebuilding an old display model of the Bell 412SP helicopter used by SNOWYHYDRO SouthCare. The model had been used for a number of years for public displays and had been […]

Southern Cloud

A local project which is now complete is a 1:16 scale model of the three engine AVRO 618 X SOUTHERN CLOUD aircraft. This aircraft was one of five AVROs owned by Australian National Airways and operated by Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith […]


Early in 2005, DMG was approached by National Roads (NATROAD) to enquire if we could help them with construction of a new model truck. Their existing model was getting on in years and it was time to update. The model […]

Western Earthmoving

Western Earth Moving is a large earth works company based in the central west of Sydney. In 2004 they had a long-time worker with the company retiring and wanted a different but suitable retirement gift for him. They approached DMG […]

ALLIGHT Mobile Lighting Tower

In mid 2004 DMG was approached by ALLIGHT in Perth, WA, to construct a number of models of their mobile lighting towers. These towers can often be seen at road work sites, construction sites, sporting events and mining operations all […]

US Coast Guard HH-60J JAYHAWK

After completing ten S-70 Blackhawk Helicopter models for Sikorsky Helicopters and the Australian Army, DMG decided to try modifying the 1:35th scale UH-60 kit even further. We wanted something colourful for a display coming up and decided that the red […]