Current and Future Projects

Russ French, master craftsman

DMG has now been going strong for over two decades and we are still very much enjoying what we do for our customers.

We have some very dedicated customers and continue to produce models of their equipment on a regular basis and thank them very much for their trust in us. We continue to produce outstanding models for many of the major defence companies both here in Australia and overseas.

We have been working very hard over the years to develop our skills and with this in mind, we have recently been looking at providing tuition to those who would also like to advance their skills in some aspects of model making including molding and casting, scratch building and air brushing. This will be a little later in 2017 so if there is an interest in this we will look further into this as well as on-line tutorials.

Further to what we are already producing we are about to open a new modelling supplies part of our business. In the coming months we will commence shopfront as well as online sales of many of the high quality materials we use in our own models. This will include Evergreen Styrene, Testors Model Master enamel paints, Plastruct styrene and parts, Barnes molding and casting materials, Tamiya tapes, paints and tools, Balsa, Ply and Spruce timbers and Springers Brushes. All these high quality products we use in production of our own models so we can highly recommend them to you.

As we are limited in space we won’t have the room to carry a large range of kits so we will carry a few high quality kits of Australian defence equipment which can be difficult to obtain. We will be happy to obtain kits from the distributors if orders are placed with us. If we can’t get them, we will do our best to try and find where you can order them from.

We feel there is a need to supply these modelling supplies as several major hobby and model shops have recently closed in the New Englad area so there was nowhere left for our fellow modellers to go to purchase their supplies.

We have currently major projects with BAE, GLDS-A, GDLS-E and NOVA Group as well as some smaller projects for other companies. These will hit our Air, Sea and Land projects pages as they are completed over the coming months.

Enjoy your look around our pages. If you want to see projects as they are completed before they hit the website, you can go to our FaceBook page at Defence Models and Graphics Pty Ltd ( and view jobs as they go out the door.

If you would like any more information about any of these projects, please see the links on left hand side of the page or if you wish to make enquiries about a project you have in mind, please drop us a line and we are sure we can supply you with the type of model you require for your particular needs.

Russ French – modelmaker extraordinaire and creative force behind
Defence Models and Graphics Pty Ltd