Tenix S-70B-2 SeaHawk


 As the last part of a major contract to construct a series of large scale model aircraft for TENIX Aerospace, DMG was commissioned to build a 1:16 scale model of the TENIX-Modified S-70B-2 SEAHAWK Naval Helicopter. The model was to complement the 1:35 scale C-130H HERCULES RAAF Transport aircraft and an ORION RAAF Maritime Patrol Aircraft model already delivered. As with the previous two models, this model was also to have operational lights and engines.

Because of the complex shape of the SEAHAWK fuselage it was decided that the best material to use would be MDF or craft-wood. This could be built as a large hollow box and shaped into the basic fuselage shape with the cockpit area, engines and tail boom constructed separately and added prior to finishing off the fuselage.

Engine intakes, rotor head and other fittings were constructed from plastic and then moulded in polyurethane resin. Many other parts where constructed in plastic and stored ready to add to the model when nearly completed. The undercarriage was produced in brass and plastic and air inflated rubber tyres fitted with new moulded wheel hubs.

A large 24 volt geared motor was fitted inside the fuselage with access through a large hatch in the bottom of the model, to drive the main rotors at a nice slow speed (approx 10 rpm). A smaller motor was fitted into the tail boom to drive the tail rotor. Navigation lights, including the upper and lower strobes and landing lights where fitted using 12 volt globes. These are powered by a voltage regulator fitted into the base of the stand so the model can be plugged into a 240 volt power supply.

Like the other two models, the SEAHAWK model will be used at various conferences around the world as well as put on display during trade and air shows.