Tenix C-130H Hercules

As part of a contract with TENIX Aerospace, DMG was commissioned to construct a series of large models aircraft for displays at shows and conferences attended by TENIX. All these projects were models of aircraft that have been modified by TENIX for the Australian Defence Force.

The latest of these is a 1:35 scale C-130H HERCULES RAAF Transport aircraft. The model was a large model measuring over 1100mm across the wings. As with the AP-3C ORION model already delivered, this model was also to have operational lights and engines.

Starting out with a piece of plastic drain pipe from the local hardware (which just happens to be the correct diameter for the fuselage) the model was constructed of plastic, cast polyurethane resin parts, timber and automotive bog (very handy stuff).

As with the AP-3C, the model was based on a 1:72 scale kit which was measured and enlarged to the correct scale. The wings were constructed around a tapered plastic box which gave it strength and made a conduit for running all the power cables for the engines and lights. This was a slightly simpler model to construct than the ORION as the wings are relatively straight and with the high mounted wings made for simpler mounting of the wings and tail.

The model was completed in the two tone green and brown paint scheme used on 36 Squadron C-130Hs. The prancing horse emblem and other markings where printed onto decal film and applied, before a finishing coat of flat lacquer was applied.

The model is now on display at TENIX Aerospace's office in Melbourne along with the ORION and will be used at AVALON air show in March as well as many other shows around the world.

Lastly, I would like to thank the staff at 36 Squadron, RAAF RICHMOND for their help with information which aided in the construction of this model.