B-737 MMA

This model, along with the RAAF B-737 Wedgetail and the RAAF VIP Flight B-737, was built for the PACIFIC 2004 Maritime exposition as a demonstration model for DMG's stand.

The P-8A POSIEDON Multi Mission Aircraft (MMA) is a derivative of the B-737 but fitted with an array of sophisticated sensors. It also has the ability to carry a number of weapons on hard-points under the wings and in an internal weapons bay fitted into the rear fuselage enabling it to carry torpedoes, missiles, depth-charges and rescue equipment.

On the 14th of June 2004 an announcement was made that the P-8A POSIEDON has been selected by United States Navy to replace their fleet of P-3 Orions with up to 109 new aircraft.

The model pictured is our interpretation of what the P-8A may look like in service with the USN. The model has been recently purchased by a collector in the USA. A second model was recently completed for another collector in the US.