RAAF F/A-18s

When we completed the display season for Defence Trade Shows in late 2010 we decided that we would revamp the display we had used for several years and sell off some of the display models. Several models went to a collector in Canberra. These models weren't in the usual scale he collects which is 1:32 aircraft.

He asked if we did much in the way of 1:32 scale aircraft, so told him we could do anything he wanted in that scale He was in need of the three RAAF F/A-18 HORNET types we fly. We decided to help him out and construct an F/A-18A single seat HORNET in 75 SQN markings, an F/A-18B two seater in 2 OCU markings and the new F/A-18F SUPER HORNET or "RHINO", as they have been dubbed, in 1 SQN markings.

Luckily, the three models are available in kit form (with modification to RAAF Standards). We already had the kits in stock so started construction on the three of them. The A and B models were given to a mate to start construction, whilst I concentrated on the F model. Unfortunately due to work commitments he was unable to complete the two models so I got them back from him to complete.

All three were completed in RAAF colours with fully detailed cockpits and are displayed as if sitting at rest on the hard stand with flaps, slats all drooped and canopies open. The three models look fantastic together and are a very important part of our client's collection.