Most of our work of course is done for the larger Defence related companies, but every now and then we get a request for a model, or two, for someone that once served with a particular aircraft or vehicle. I had an email from an ex-RAAF "Crewie" who wanted models of a couple of his favourite aircraft. We decided on 1:48 scale for both models. He had photos of both aircraft and how they looked when he worked on them which made my job much easier.

I started on the UH-1H Iroquois first. The model needed to be modified as when he served on them they carried emplaning steps to carry stretchers and mounts for M-60 Machine Guns. I used the Italeri kit of the UH-1D and built it mostly from the box with added seat belts, aerials and the modifications above. The model was built as it was when still operated by the RAAF and painted in the two-tone tan and dark green scheme.

The AS350B Squirrel model was based on the Heller kit. It also needed major modifications to build her into the RAAF version. Internally the model had modifications done to the instrument panel and belts added to the seating. Externally we added aerials and the rescue winch. The model was painted in the original white and blue scheme with coloured RAAF roundels and 5 SQN badge.

Both models were fitted to clear acrylic stands. The models were a real hit with our client and he was very happy with them obviously bringing back some great memories of his days flying in these machines.