As part of the package of models we were doing for Defence Material Organisation (DMO) we were asked to also build a suitable sized model of the new RAAF Boeing C17A GLOBEMASTER Heavy lift aircraft.

We decided on building the model to a scale of 1:72 as a resin kit was available of the aircraft, even though after reading reviews of the kit, some large modifications were going to be needed to correct inaccuracies of the model.

A kit was finally sourced from the US and work began on making the appropriate changes to the wings and fuselage of the resin kit. This included moving the wings, reshaping parts of the fuselage and tail and doing a fair bit of work around the main landing gear as this model would be shown on the tarmac loading up.

It all went together relatively well and detail was added inside the lowered rear ramp area. Extra detail was added with aerials and antenna fitted to the fuselage. Mounting blocks were fitted inside the fuselage to carry the weight of the model on the relatively fragile landing gear and to be able to mount the model to the base board.

This model is large and only just fitted inside the display case diagonally with about 5mm to spare on each wingtip. We were restricted in that all the display cases had to be 1000mm long and no wider than 600mm.

The engines were built and painted ready for mounting along with landing gear and tyres. Once the fuselage looked right the internals were painted in gloss white with highlighted detail and then masked up for the exterior to be painted. The fuselage and wings, tail and horizontal stabiliser were painted in dark grey and details painted. Landing gear and engines were fitted and decals made and added.

Once dry the model was fitted into the display case after many, many checks to make sure that the display case cleared wingtips and the large "T" shaped tail. The base had been painted as a hard stand for the aircraft to sit on and a 1:72 scale ABRAMS Main Battle Tank had been built as the load being placed on the ramp. The large display case was then fitted to the base.

Despite the difficulty in first obtaining the resin kit and then building it into an accurate version, the model turned out really well and went on to be displayed at the AVALON Airshow in February 2013.