RAAF Aircraft Collection


One of our neighbours near Tumbarumba approached us one day about constructing a model for her father, a retired RAAF pilot. She wanted something special for his birthday and had run out of ideas when she thought of us. He had started his career as a pilot flying the venerable CA-18 (Modified RAAF P-51D) MUSTANG however she knew his favourite was the CAC SABRE jet. He flew this aircraft for a number of years from various RAAF bases around Australia and from RAAF BUTTERWORTH in Malaysia.

We purchased the 1:48 scale CAC SABRE kit which is supplied with the original kit wings and parts for the USAF F-86 Sabre, but with a newly supplied fuselage. CAC SABREs used a different engine to the earlier US built aircraft so the fuselage had to be widened with a new larger intake. The kit was constructed in an overall natural metal finish with 3 SQN markings. We produced some of our own decals for the aircraft which included the aircraft serial number as well as his rank and name which was applied under the canopy frame. He loved it. The aircraft serial is the same aircraft that belongs to the RAAF Historic flight SABRE currently operated by the Temora Aviation Museum which our client flew in Malaysia.

Since then he has decided to collect a model of each aircraft he has flown with the RAAF, including some USAF types he flew on exchange whilst serving in Vietnam. So far we have completed the CAC MUSTANG, the Mk30 single seat VAMPIRE and the USAF OV-10B BRONCO which he flew in Vietnam. All these have been completed in 1:48 scale and represent aircraft that he has personally flown and kept record of in his flying log book.

Models of the Mk35 two seat VAMPIRE, OV-1D MOHAWK, DHC-4 CARIBOU, HS-748 and C-130E HERCULES of 37 SQN which he commanded at the end of his career, are all underway for his collection.