Army Aviation Models


We are often approached by currently serving or ex-military people wanting to get models of vessels, vehicles or aircraft that they flew or worked on whilst in the service. We were contacted by a serving Army Staff Sergeant who was keen to get a series of models of Army helicopters he worked on and flew in.

He started his collection of our models with the purchase of a surplus TIGER ARH-1 we had built in 1:48 scale. He loved it so much he then decided that he wanted to collect all the models to the same scale. He gave us a list and the serial numbers of each aircraft to be modelled.

We started building the additional models for him, commencing with a UH-1H IROQUOIS. This was quickly followed by a OH-58A KIOWA and a S-70A-9 BLACKHAWK. We then built one of the new MRH-90s and finished off with a CH-47D CHINOOK. All the models were completed on clear acrylic stands, except for the CHINOOK which looks great sitting on the ground with its huge rotors drooped low over the body.

He came down for a road trip with his wife from Canberra and collected them all when completed and happily took them home to go into his display cabinet for his Army mates drool over. Glad he liked them all so much.