After receiving the contract to carry out heavy maintainance on the RAAF C-130J-30 HERCULES, Australian Aerospace wanted several models of the aircraft made for presentation and use at displays. It was decided that 1:72 scale would be ideal for the models.

Several of the Italeri 1:72 scale kit were purchased and modifications began. The models had to be lengthened with the length of the real C-130J-30 being several metres longer than the standard C-130.

It was decided to cut the model's fuselage just in front of the wing and behind the side doors at the rear of the model and add the front and rear of another one. This gave the new length to both the front and back halves of each model. To construct the three models we had to use five kits. We did a very similar thing to get the extra length on the BAE M113AS4 APC models we produced.

The rest of the models were done pretty much out of the box except for some minor modifications to the engine nacelles, and different aerials. The models were made with the wheels retracted and rear ramps closed. We printed decals on our laser printer and applied them to the newly painted models. The colour scheme chosen was the new dark blue grey upper fuselage and light grey underbelly. I've heard it referred to by a "J" pilot friend as the "Combat Dolphin" scheme.

The models were mounted onto clear acrylic display stands and boxed up and arrived in Brisbane safe and sound. The models were well received by the recipients. A fourth model was completed which featured its landing gear and flaps lowered. This model was completed for a collector in Canberra who wanted one for his display cabinet. Another model, similar to the first three, is now underway which will go to the RAAF for display at RAAF AMBERLEY.