Sikorsky S-70A-9 Blackhawk


Another project to come from the PACIFIC 2002 Maritime Exposition was the requirement by Macdonald Technologies International for several scale models of the Australian Army S-70A-9 BLACKHAWK Utility Helicopters.

Around the same time as this, ACADEMY Models from South Korea released a superb kit of the UH-60L Blackhawk and HH-60G Pavehawk Rescue Helicopters. Both kits in the scale of 1:35 and both highly detailed. This scale suited Macdonald Technologies for their models, which were to be given to SIKORSKY Aircraft Corporation's office in Canberra.

Extensive modifications had to be made to the existing kit to convert it to the 5th Aviation Regiment's Blackhawks, based in Townsville, Queensland. A new horizontal stabiliser was produced and moulded, main cabin doorsteps, aerials and many other smaller fittings.

The models were finished in Australian colours and paint schemes and new decals were produced to finish them off.

Several other Australian BLACKHAWK models have been constructed for 16 Brigade at the ARMY's Oakey Pilot Training Facility and one for a client who presented the model to his son who recently graduated from the BLACKHAWK pilots course.

Several more models have recently been completed of the new UH-60M BLACKHAWK. These models where completed in Australian and also New Zealand Air Force livery and are modified with new cockpits, cabins and new wide cord rotor blades with new rotor tips.

Since the construction of the larger 1:35 scale models of the BLACKHACK, we have had several commissions to construct a smaller 1:48 scale version. Using the Italeri kit, a new set of parts were moulded to convert the existing kit into the Australian Army version. Several of these smaller models have gone to Army pilots who wished to have a model of "their aircraft" on display at home or in their office. We are very proud to be able to fill their requests and hope they enjoy looking at them for years to come.