Whilst at PACIFIC 2010 in January a couple of gentlemen spent some time checking out the range of DMG models. One of them expressed an interest in having a model of the MB 326H Macchi jet trainer constructed for his son who had gained his RAAF wings on the old Macchi.

A couple of weeks after the show we were contacted by our visitor to order a 1:48 scale model of the Macchi for his son. He sent several photos of the aircraft, a Macchi from 2FTS, serial number A7-072 based at RAAF PEARCE in Western Australia. The aircraft was painted in the striking Orange and White of the training squadrons with the 2FTS emblem on the tail (a torch of learning with a flying black swan).

A kit was sourced from eBay and construction began. The model cockpit was fully detailed and model was built as in flight. Once assembled it was painted overall in white then masked to paint the orange and aluminium underneath. Once completed a set of decals were produced inhouse and applied. The model had a suitable plaque engraved and mounted onto a clear acrylic stand. The model was sent directly to his son who most pleased to have a model of his old aircraft.