Australian Aerospace ARH-1 TIGER 1:35 scale

After completing over seventy 1:48 scale models of the Australian Aerospace ARH-1 TIGER, we decided to add to our collection a 1:35 scale TIGER. This model would join other models of the CHINOOK, BLACKHAWK, KIOWA, UH-1H HUEY and ARMY armed vehicle collection.

A base model was purchased from a European manufacturer of the German AHP TIGRE helicopter. This model was very basic and reflected the European versions of this helicopter. The model arrived and was soon stripped of weapons and other non-Australian parts. The canopy was masked and paint removed. Masters and moulds were made of the Australian version's extra parts and fitted to the basic fuselage.

Weapons including the 30mm gun, HELLFIRE Missile system and pods for 2.75mm rockets were made and painted ready to fit. All the modifications to produce an accurate 1:35 scale model were added to the model and the three tone paint scheme applied. Australian decals were made on our laser printer and sign writing cutter and applied. The weapons were fitted to the stub wings and nose and the masking of the cockpit removed.

The model turned out beautifully and is probably the only one of its type in the world.

After displaying the model for several years with our exhibition, DSTO in Adelaide asked if they could buy the model. It is now on display at their DSTO office at RAAF EDINBURGH in Adelaide along with several of our other models.