RAAF General Dynamics F-111G

Having grown up in the northern area of Brisbane in the 1970's I was used to seeing and hearing the mighty F-111 flying over our house several times a week. The F-111C had been selected to replace the CANBERRA Bombers of the 1960's and 24 aircraft were purchased from the US. After many delays due to technical problems with the swing wing system, the aircraft started arriving at RAAF Base Amberley in 1973.

I had built several models of the F-111 over the years, however whenever one was completed someone usually came along and wanted to purchase the model from us. I decided that I would do one for our display and hopefully hold onto it.

I purchased the Academy 1:48 scale FB-111 (F-111G) and completed the model with wings fully swept back. She was painted in overall dark grey with low visibility markings of the RAAF's 6 SQN. The model was fitted with 4 AGM-84 Harpoon Anti-Shipping Missiles which is the weapons I was used to seeing them carry when exercising with ships I served on whilst serving in the RAN. She was then mounted on a clear acrylic stand to display her at her best.

I have held onto this model over the years, but have had to build several more to satisfy customers requirements who still want to have one of their own piece of this history. The F-111s have now retired with the "G" Model being retired in 2008 and the "C" Models finally succumbing to government recommendations in December 2010.

The F-111s will be sorely missed with the sight and sounds of these beautiful aircraft and their wonderful party trick of the famous "Dump and Burn". Several aircraft have fortunately been kept for museums and as "gate sentries" at RAAF AMBERLEY.