RAAF PC-9A Models

   DEFENCE MODELS and GRAPHICS has completed a series of models of the RAAF basic training aircraft, the Pilatus PC-9A. This agile little aircraft is flown by the RAAF Central Flying School (CFS), No 2 Flight Training School (2FTS) and is the mount of the RAAF Formation Aerobatic Team the "Roulettes" based at RAAF East Sale.

The Models were produced in large numbers to be used as training models as well as presentation models to RAAF Pilots. The PC-9s were cast in polyurethane resin in a scale of 1:48. A master for the models was produced and sent to the flying instructors at East Sale for their approval. Once the master had their blessing, moulds were made of the parts that made up the model, which numbered 12, including the propeller, which was produced in Photo-etched 0.5mm thick brass sheet.

Once the resin parts are assembled, joins are filled, and the models are primed and readied for painting. Two holes are drilled into the bottom of the fuselage to allow a clear acrylic stand to be fitted, for display models, or for training models, an aluminium "Manouvering Batten" is fitted. The models are sprayed overall gloss white then masked to airbrush the bright red paint. The masking remains in place for the final touches of blue around the tail to be done. Decals were produced for both the CFS and 2FTS as both schools are receiving models. These are applied and the models are coated with a high gloss lacquer to protect their paintwork.

The models were delivered by June 2007. The first production model, which was one of 10 initial models to be delivered, was shown the members of the "Roulettes" at an air show at Temora in September 2006. Whilst being examined by the team, I asked them if they would mind signing the model. This model now has pride of place in DMG's office and has been encased in an elegant display case with a plaque to commemorate the occasion of the delivery of the first of the models.