DENEL G-6 155mm Gun

As part of the modernisation of the Australian Defence Forces, the Army is in the process of replacing its Howizter Artillery pieces. It is currently looking at a range of 155mm Guns including Self Propelled Guns or SPGs. One of these is the DENEL G-6 155mm SPG from South Africa. This gun has been put forward for the Army's requirement by General Dynamics Land Systems, Australia.

A 1:16 scale model of the G-6 was required for promotional duties at conferences and displays. DMG was asked to rebuild an existing model, which had been constructed in South Africa. The model had been damaged and required considerable repairs and updating.

The model was delivered to the DMG workshops and the task of stripping the model and repairing the damage began. Updates to the body and turret were carried out using metal and plastic and many parts were remade and cast in polyurethane resin.

Once the upgrading was completed, the model was resprayed in three tone Tan, Olive Green and Black camouflage of the Australian Army. Special badges where requested to be made for the model to indicate the 1st Brigade and these were the finishing touch to this large model. Finally the model was mounted on a polished timber display base and a one piece acrylic display case placed over the top of the model.

In addition to the 1:16 scale model we were given parts for a smaller 1:35 scale model. These parts had also come from an existing model which had been badly damaged and written off for disposal. The remaining parts were repaired and moulded whilst additional parts were produced to add to the model. The first model was completed, but unfortunately before the model could be presented the DENEL G-6/52 was withdrawn from the competition. With the model no longer required we were allowed to keep the model which is now on display at our DMG office.

In 2012, due to budget cutbacks, the entire Army Replacement Gun Project (Land 17) has been placed on indefinite hold. No decision had been made on which type and how many systems will be bought.

A good comparison of size with both the Leopard AS1 and G-6 in the scale of 1:16