ASLAV 120mm MORTAR Carrier Models 1:35

Another version, which may go into production for the Australian Army, is the 120mm MORTAR Carrier version of the ASLAV. Essentially a Type 3 ASLAV body without the Commander's Cupola, but with a large armoured turret fitted with the 120mm MORTAR.

Two 1:35th scale models of this version were ordered by GDLS - A's Canberra Office for presentation to the Army. These two models were also produced using the ITALERI LAV-25 Kit.

Following the turreted version of the ASLAV MORTAR, DMG was asked to produce two more models, also with the Type 3 body, but with the MORTAR fitted inside the vehicle. This version is very similar to the USMC version, but with a different MORTAR system.