G-Wagon SRV

A month or so before the Land Forces Conference in Brisbane in September 2014 we had a call from G.H. VARLEY in Newcastle asking if it might be possible to have a model built of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Special Reconnaissance Vehicle (SRV) as used by Australian Special Forces. The SRV consists of a G-Wagon 6 wheel drive chassis with an open top single cab with no doors and a module on the rear which carries stores, an additional seat, facing rearwards and a heavy machine gun on a gun ring. G.H. VARLEY build these modules which, when completed, are transported to Melbourne where they are mated to the chassis.

DSC03402sml DSC03403sml

 We had previously built a 1:10 scale G-Wagon 6 x 6 in the Utility version so had patterns for many of the body parts and molds for wheels and other details. The patterns were altered for the new version and parts were cast. Some additional masters were made and molded to get more detail into the model as well as new molds for the weapons. As it was an open top vehicle, I had to produce molds for the seats and internal details as well.

VARLEY supplied us with a great set of drawings for the module which laser cut very nicely. This went together well with lots of surface details of the lockers surrounding the body. The roll cages were made using Plastruct elbow pieces and straight pieces of tubing. The chassis was constructed of 3/4 x 1/4 inch Evergreen strip with laser cut sheet sides. Suspension details were added including shock absorbers with coil springs, differentials, axels, torsion bars and wheel hubs. Most of these were cast in resin. Once all assembled and the cab and module test fitted, it was painted in flat black.

DSC03406sml DSC03405sml

The front end cab and module were detailed and then painted in their camo scheme. All the components were painted separately and left to dry. Final details were made and painted and then all fitted together.

DSC03410sml DSC03413sml

Once all assembled, lights were fitted, weapons fitted to their mounts and wheels screwed on. The model was mounted to a timber base with a centre section of gravel paint and it was fitted with an acrylic display case. The model was delivered to VARLEY's stand at the Land Forces Conference in Brisbane. They were very happy with the model and it was a centrepiece of their display.

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