LRPV and Army Fitters Vehicles

Often retired military members order models from us to have a little memento of their time in the service. We were contacted by an ex-Army Engineer who had worked with several Australian Army vehicle and wanted to get models made of each of them.

Early on he had worked with the SASR and their Land Rover Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV), a 6 x 6, long range, heavily armed, open toped vehicle with usually a crew of three SAS soldiers. They have been used with great effect by the SASR in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He had then been the commander of an M113AS2 Fitters vehicle. This is a modified M113 APC with a large opening hatch in the top of the body to enable a spare M113 engine to be carried. This can be lifted through the open hatch by a large folding hydraulic crane. All the tools and spares for almost any field repairs are carried.

Lastly he wanted a model of his last vehicle. This vehicle is one we've done many of over the past 10 years. The ASLAV is a popular vehicle with their crews and a unique Fitters version has been developed for the Australian Army. This version is also fitted with a large folding crane and can carry spares for field repairs.

Each model was based on photos supplied by our client so that we could get the exact markings and camo pattern. The models were completed and couriered to WA where he now works on large mining vehicles.