General Dynamics EAGLE IV PMV

Late in 2009 we were contacted by General Dynamics Land Systems - Australia in Canberra. They had a job for us to do. GDLS-A was putting a proposal forward for Army Land 121 (The Army vehicle replacement project). GDLS-A were putting forward the GDLS EAGLE IV Protected Mobility Vehicle in two basic versions. A model of each, a four door Recon version and a two door tray back utility version, built in a scale of 1:35 scale was required to present with the bid.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement was required to be completed. Once this was done the plans were released to us for the start of construction. As there was nothing available in kit form for this type of vehicle, everything had to be scratch built then molded or laser cut. Masters for the wheels, bonnet, front end, grill, Remote Weapon Station and suspension components were made and then moulded. Drawings for the vehicle sides, roof and rear were scanned into the computer and then laser cut in 1mm sheet styrene.

Assembly was pretty straight forward with the body being made as a box like structure. Once done, the molded parts were fitted into place followed by the doors, window frames and then suspension parts. Only a small number of parts need to be scratch made for each model so production is fairly fast for these models. This is lucky as we only had 10 days to complete the first two models including manufacturing all the components.

Once construction was completed the models were painted in the Australian Army Tan, Olive Drab and Black camouflage scheme and included the Kangaroo on the doors. The models were placed onto a long polished timber base with a one piece acrylic display case. The models went down very well with the ARMY and several more sets of the models have since been completed.

Several other versions have also been completed recently for other parts of the Army Project including the SOV COMMANDO version which has open sides and roof and had to have all the interior fitted.