ASLAV Type 1 Model 1:35


Further to the order of 1:10th scale ASLAVs was a number of 1:35th scale versions. Also built to the Australian Modifications, they were built using modified REVELL 1:35 scale kits of the LAV-25 (MC) “Piranha” (Kit Number 03504). New parts including new wheels, exhaust manifold, turret modifications and cargo bustles along the sides of the vehicle and turret had to be produced in large quantities for an initial order in excess of 24 vehicles. Over 130 models have now been built for GDLS-A, MTU Detroit Deisel, ARMY and other companies involved in the construction of these vehicles for the Australian Army.

Additional models of the six other versions of ASLAVs were built to represent Fitters, Recovery, Command, Surveillance, Ambulance and Personnel Carrier vehicles click here to see ASLAV Variants). A number of proposed variants have also been built including two different MORTAR versions, a Logistics Vehicle and the proposed Phase IV upgrade.

Two more models of the ASLAV were recently delivered for presentation in Canada. These versions carried all the Australian modification of the newest Phase III vehicles but were completed in US Marine Corps Jungle green colour schemes.