CEA-Mount Radar

Following the success of the PACIFIC 2002 Maritime Exposition, DMG was asked to build a small desk set sized (1:25th Scale) model of the CEA Technologies CEA-MOUNT Medium Range Fire-control Radar, for their head office based in Canberra, ACT.

Upon seeing the completed model, CEA ordered several more models of this unit to be used as corporate gifts. The models, cast in Polyurethane Resin were completed in RAN colours and mounted on polished timber bases.

Several models of the CEA Technologies Modular Phased Array Radar known as CEA-FAR were also produced and mounted in similar fashion to the other models, but priority was to be given to another project for CEA.

CEA had a requirement for a larger model of the CEA-MOUNT which could be transported more easily than the full scale production version. This was to be ready for transporting to Paris for the Euro-Naval Exposition in October 2002. This model was built to a scale of 1:3 and stood just under one metre in height. The highlight of this model was that it was to move electronically in a similar motion to that of the real type.

Wireless Technologies was asked to provide the software and circuitry to enable the model to be programmed and once turned on could be left operating for many hours whilst on display.

To get the model to move in a realistic manner, the array unit had to be balanced and powered by several large HI-TEC Super-Servo motors.

The model was delivered to Paris and took pride of place on the “Australian Industry” Stand at the exposition. The real unit has now been sold for use on a new Blohm and Voss Frigate design and maybe back-fitted for trials on the RAN's "ANZAC" Class Frigates.