Tenix Defence Systems Mod FFG

Model “ADELAIDE” Goes Under the Knife
In 1998 following damage from a collision, the model of ADELAIDE was taken in hand and modified to the proposed design for the FFGUP (Guided Missile Frigate Update Programme). TENIX DS’s proposal was to add to the ships fighting and self defence capabilities. TENIX approached DMG to ask if there was an existing model of the FFG, which would be capable of being modified to their proposal.

DMG came forward with a package to modify the damaged model of ADELAIDE. The modification was quite extensive and with the added challenge of not only refitting the model to the planned changes, but to also repair the damage from the collision, it was to be a challenging project.

Working late into the evenings and weekends, the modifications and repairs were completed the evening prior to the unveiling of the model to the FFGUP team at HMAS HARMAN (Canberra). The model was then sailed for the team and the general public at the Navy Day Celebrations in the “Pool of Reflection” in front of the Old Parliament House the following day.

Unfortunately, TENIX’s proposal was not successful and the project went to another shipyard. TENIX DS’s proposal was ambitious, but would have provided the FFG with an unprecedented capability that no other FFG would have been capable of matching.

Some of the modifications included an 8 cell Mk41 VLS for Evolved Sea-Sparrow Missiles (32 x ESSM) that are now being fitted to the ANZAC Class Frigates, a new heat suppressant uptake for the Gas Turbines. A new ASW Sonar and Mine Avoidance Sonar, a new multi-barrel decoy system, the Australian Designed NULKA Decoy System, a new Electronic Surveillance (ESM), Electronic Counter-Measures and jamming system (ECM) and new combat and fire control systems to increase the number of channels of fire and to make the ships fully compatible with the ANZAC Class Ships coming on line.

The model was unfortunately very badly damaged during a defence exhibition in 2001 and has never fully recovered. After being moved around during our moves, in 2011 it was decided after survey of the hull that she was beyond repair. All usable parts and systems were removed from her hull and damaged superstructure and she was scrapped. When time allows a new ADELAIDE will be built on a fibre-glass hull.