Many years ago I was asked to do a 1:48 scale model of one of the FREMANTLE Class Patrol Boats for a friend. Unfortunately, part of the way through the building of the model he had to pull out of the deal and I was left with the model partially built.

Then a little while ago I was contacted by another ex Navy member about building a model of a boat in the same class. I had the model still so offered it to him. We worked out a price for me to complete the model as HMAS BUNBURY, which was a boat he served on, and to complete it as a Radio Controlled version.

The hull was stripped back and repaired as it had taken a bit of a battering being in storage for more than 10 years and the original shafts replaced with new working versions. A new bridge was built as well as the flying bridge, mast base and mast, new guard rails fitted and weapons. He had a great collection of photos of the BUNBURY as she was when he served on her as well as a great memory for how things looked and what he had done on his part of the ship so we were able to build the model to how she was.


Lots of new parts were made and cast up and fitted to the model. She was painted up in Storm Grey, parts painted and fitted and the radio gear fitted. After a few tests of the motors and steering gear, which I changed a couple of times to get the right sort of speed and turning out of her, she was running well.DSC02651sml

The model had her finishing touches added, such as badges, life rings, ammo lockers and then rigged with her signal halyards etc. The model was boxed up and sent off to Adelaide. He was very happy with his model and it takes pride of place in his Navy memorabilia collection and he will take her out for a sail whenever the chance occurs.

DSC02711sml DSC02716sml
DSC02817sml DSC02819sml