COLLINS Class Submarine Cut-away

DSC07581medIn early 2011 we had a call from an old friend who had been with the AWD Alliance, but had recently moved on to a new position with PACIFIC MARINE BATERIES in Adelaide. PMB provide the batteries and charging equipment for the Australian built COLLINS Class Submarines. These batteries are massive and can supply power for the COLLINS for many days whilst the boats are submerged.

PMB required a model of a COLLINS and liked the idea of being able to show their batteries and electrical equipment. It was decided that a cut-away model was required for their display. We decided that the cut-away would be done on the starboard side whilst the port side remained intact. The model was constructed to a scale of 1:100 which gave a length of just under 800mm.

DSC07478smlThe model was produced by using a large piece of styrene tube purchased from PLASTRUCT in the US with a plastic dome made to suit the bow. The stern section was made by hand and fitted later. The internals were produced from styrene sheet with bulkheads with their doorways were cut on the laser. These were assembled with deck pieces in between to make a frame which was painted and fitted with cast polyurethane resin consoles, chairs, desks, tables and engine components. Each of these was painted prior to being fitted into the interior. Once this was completed the entire internal structure was slid into the hull tube (with viewing sections cut out) and fixed in place. The tail cone was then glued into position and smoothed out.DSC07487sml

The upper casing was built from styrene and body filler and engraved with detail such as access hatches, torpedo loading hatches etc. The fin (or sail) was built in the same way and then fitted to the casing. Minor details such as sonar arrays, dive planes, periscopes and masts were made, painted and glued into positions. The model was now complete and secured to a polished timber base and fitted into a once piece display case.

A lot of detail was able to be fitted into this small model which now takes pride of place in the main board room of PACIFIC MARINE BATTERIES for all their future clients to see how their systems are fitted without having to go onboard the real thing.

 DSC07580sml DSC07582sml 
 DSC07584sml  DSC07585sml