In 2005, MTU Detroit Diesel Australia asked DMG to produce a model of the new ARMIDALE Class Patrol Boats being built by AUSTAL in Perth WA. The model was to accompany a beautiful model of the new MTU diesel engines that were to power these fine looking vessels. The model diesel engine was produced by model makers in Germany and was quite a large scale measuring approximately 250mm in length. The model required was to be around 800mm in length so a scale of 1:72 was chosen.

A beautiful fibre-glass hull, superstructure and masts was produced by APS Models. Many more components where produced and moulded by DMG for use in the model including the new 25mm TYPHOON Gun, which we had already produced for General Dynamics in Adelaide. This gun is essentially the same gun as used in the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) but on a naval stabilised mounting.

The model was completed and delivered to the MTU Stand at the 2006 PACIFIC Naval Exposition in February 2006 in Sydney and was shown to the crew of the new HMAS ARMIDALE (ACPB-83) which was also on show at PACIFIC 2006. The model was mounted on a raised base so that the model could be seen over the top of the model of the Diesel engine mounted in front. This was all encased in a one piece acrylic display case. She is now on display at MTU Detroit Diesel's Sydney Office. A second model is being produced for DMG and will be an operational Radio Controlled model.

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Following on from the success of the ARMIDALE Class model in 1:72 scale along with the sale of half a dozen laser cut deck, superstructure and masts sets we received an order for a 1:150 scale model of her. A hull was produced by a friend in Canberra whilst the superstructure was cut in styrene on the flat bed laser with fittings being cast in polyurethane resin. Being a smaller model we were able to cast a lot more of the parts including the exhausts and bridge which makes construction time less.

The first model was built for a collector in Armidale who was involved in the bid to the RAN to have one of the vessels named after the country city. Not only did they name the lead ship, but they named the class after the city of Armidale. A second model has been completed for a collector in the USA with several more in the pipeline.

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