One class of vessel we had never constructed was the venerable Landing Craft Heavy (LCH) of the RAN. Late in 2008 we were approached by a member of HMAS LABUAN's engineering crew seeking a model of the LCH to present to a valued member of their crew who was about to clock over 20 years of service in the RAN.

They wanted a gift for him that he could look back on in years to come and remember his years on the LCH vessels. We agreed to build a 1:72 scale model of the HMAS LABUAN in time for the presentation in April 2009.

Plans were obtained and a hull produced from Evergreen Styrene. The model was built using mostly plastic with brass guard rails and some polyurethane resin parts which are common to many of our models. The model was painted in N42 Storm grey with black hull and final detailing completed. It was fitted into a one piece acrylic display case with a polished timber base and sent off to Cairns in time for their party.

Unfortunately the model was extensively damaged when dropped by couriers whilst in transit and had to be returned to us for repairs, missing the presentation night. Our recipient was made aware of the model and thankfully understood that "these things happen".

The model has since been fully repaired and looking like new along with a new display case and base and has been presented to the lucky recipient. He now has the model proudly sitting in his office at home. It was a great excuse for another party, but who needs excuses!