Navy Missile Models

DSC08741medMany years ago we did a number of models of modern Naval Missiles for Raytheon Australia. A serving RAN Weapons Electrical Officer saw one of these on display and decided to have a couple made for his office.

He contacted us about producing a model of the new SM-2 Anti-Aircraft Missile, the RGM-84 HARPOON Anti-Shipping Missile and an Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM). We decided to make the three models to the same scale but slightly larger than the previous models.

Each one was produced from various diameter styrene tube available from Plastruct in the US. The noses of each missile were hand made then moulded in polyurethane resin and fitted to the missile body. Fins were cut from styrene sheet on the laser cutter and fitted to the bodies. Other details were added and the lot painted gloss white. Striping and decals were made on our laser printer and applied and the lot given a coat of gloss lacquer.

Each model was fitted to a clear acrylic stand, similar to the ones we use for our model aircraft, just modified to take the missile body and face it almost vertically.

The models were sent off to him and he was most pleased with how they came out. They now sit proudly on his desk in his new office.

A few months following the delivery of these models we were asked by another Navy member, who had seen his models, for several models to be done. This included another SM-2 model, a HARPOON and one of our 1:25 scale PHALANX CIWS models.

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