Several years ago I was contacted by a client who was interested in having built a model of the HMAS ATTACK (ACPB-90) as during her long career he had the privilege of being her Commanding Officer for a period. It was decided to build the model to a scale of 1:72 as a hull was already available from a friend in Canberra. The hull was cast and work commenced on fitting the main deck and underwater fittings and then painted black.

The superstructure for the model has lots of curved edges so it was built up using an internal framework with the flat sides being cut and glued to the frame, leaving the corners to be filled with Plastibond filler. Once dry this was sanded into the curve. This gave the basic shape which was then smoothed with Tamiya model putty and a spray on automotive body filler. This made for nice smooth corners and to build up the shape.

Detail was added to this with the flying bridge detailed and masts added. Once everything was fitted the model was painted, decks first, and allowed to dry. Once thoroughly dry it was masked and the ship side grey painted. Final painted details were done and weapons, boats and rigging added. The model was mounted into a display case with a lovely dark polished timber base and name plated added.