In 2005, TENIX Maritime was awarded the contract to convert the Korean built merchant tanker "DELOS" into the Royal Australian Navy's newest Underway Replenishment Ship, to be named HMAS SIRIUS (AO-266). She is a large ship at approximately 37,000 tons displacement and has replaced the aging HMAS WESTRALIA.

TENIX required a model of the new ship to show the changes being built into the vessel following her docking in Western Australia. She looks very different from her original as a cargo tanker. SIRIUS was fitted with two automated RAS derricks on a new large deck fitted over the existing main pump deck. A large control station was fitted from where the crew control all replenishment operations to other ships. Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) and a large centre mounted crane were also fitted on the forward decks. A large storage area was fitted forward of the bridge where shipping containers carrying other ships spares could be loaded whilst on deployment.

Down aft SIRIUS has been fitted with a large flight deck enabling her to operate up to MRH-90 sized helicopters, but no hangar facilities are fitted. On the bridge roof, numerous new communications aerials and SATCOM domes have been fitted along with a new mast structure and Nav RADARs.

The model went on display for the first time at PACIFIC 2006 and is now on display at the BAE Maritime building at Williamstown dockyard in Melbourne and I saw her recently on a visit and she looks well.