As part of a major project for Defence Material Organisation (DMO) we were contracted to build a model of the Thales’ BUSHMASTER Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV). This model was built to match the already built ASLAV model we had completed a few weeks earlier. We had already constructed several 1:10 scale ASLAV models for GDLS-A so it made perfect sense to build the other models in this scale.

This was the first BUSHMASTER we had constructed in this scale. We obtained drawings as well as a 1:35 scale kit of the vehicle and used this to clarify areas of the drawings we were unsure of. Almost all of the model was constructed in Evergreen Styrene plastic. The drawings were scanned into our laser system and each part precision cut. Suspension parts, wheel hubs and other multiple parts were cast in polyurethane resin after producing masters and moulds for each. The tyres were purchased from AFV Models in Germany and are perfect rubber versions of the real MICHELIN tyres.

Once the basic body shell had be put together, details were added including bolt and panel details. For this we went to photos of a BUSHMASTER which were very graciously provided by 1AFDS RAAF who have several BUSHMASTER vehicles in their inventory and provided a great series of shots.

The model was painted in its camo pattern and the windows installed which were made from a dark tinted mirror plastic. Final details including lights, aerials and a MAG-58 weapon were fitted and the model placed in its display case. The model first went on display at the Land Warfare Conference in Melbourne in late 2012 and now resides in Canberra in the Land Warfare section of DMO.