Countess of Kempock (Granny Kempock)

We were commissioned by a Scottish friend to build a model of the Countess of Kempock.

Not much information was available on this ferry, which the father of our friend used to drive in the 70’s, so some poetic licence was used in the construction of the model.

Building a model of this kind is a little different from the usual fibreglass hulled models. The hull was made from timber and balsa, with timber “planks” overlaid then painted on the hull, and lacquered on the deck.

There have been a number of changes made over the years to the vessel. We were fortunate enough to get hands on the original plans when she was the Countess of Breadalbane, as well as photos of her as Countess of Kempock.

Attention was paid to the smallest of details, as you have come to expect from Defence Models and Graphics, even to the point of having the family of the skipper shown, although we couldn’t find a pram in the right scale, so the wee laddie had to grow up rather quickly!

The model arrived in Scotland, where she was very well received and proudly displayed at the Clyde Paddle Steamers Association charter cruise to Carrick Castle and Loch Goil.