Western Earthmoving

Western Earth Moving is a large earth works company based in the central west of Sydney. In 2004 they had a long-time worker with the company retiring and wanted a different but suitable retirement gift for him. They approached DMG […]

ALLIGHT Mobile Lighting Tower

In mid 2004 DMG was approached by ALLIGHT in Perth, WA, to construct a number of models of their mobile lighting towers. These towers can often be seen at road work sites, construction sites, sporting events and mining operations all […]

US Coast Guard HH-60J JAYHAWK

After completing ten S-70 Blackhawk Helicopter models for Sikorsky Helicopters and the Australian Army, DMG decided to try modifying the 1:35th scale UH-60 kit even further. We wanted something colourful for a display coming up and decided that the red […]