In May, 2006 it was announced by the Federal Government that the RAN would receive two new Landing Helicopter Dock Ships to replace HMAS KANIMBLA and HMAS MANOORA. These two new ships were considerably bigger than these vessels, displacing nearly […]

BMT AEGIR 18A Replenishment Ship

Over the years we have done a large amount of work for the Australian Ship Corporation (ASC) in Adelaide including Submarines, both large and small, Patrol Boats and of course as part of the AWD Alliance, several large HOBART Class […]

Wind Turbines and Wind Farm

One of the more unusual models we have done came at the request of a local group promoting Wind Energy in the New England area. They asked us for some ideas to promote their cause. We came up with the […]


The Building of USS WINSTON S. CHURCHILL Following a visit to the USS JOHN S. McCAIN, DDG-56, in 1997, it was dreamed of to build one of these powerful, elegant and formidable man-o-war. A “Plug” was commenced in 1998, by […]


As well as the Boeing C-17 model for Defence Material Organisation (DMO) we were asked to build a fairly large scale model of the Navy’s new SIKORSKY MH-60 “Romeo” SEAHAWK for display. We initially looked at building this model in […]

RAAF Mobile Control Tower

In 2010 we were approached at the PACIFIC Naval Exposition by a large German Company who have offices here in Australia about doing a job for them. They were about to supply the RAAF with a new, very needed infrastructure […]


To allow the RAAF and other Western Air Forces the ability to train their pilots in manoeuvring into the correct positions for a missile engagement they use an Airborne Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation Pod (ACMI Pod). These pods are similar in […]

ASLAV Type 1 1:10

The Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) is a modified version of the General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada built “LAV-25 Piranha” Vehicle built for the US Marine Corps. Final assembly is carried out in Adelaide, South Australia by General Dynamics […]

1:50 scale A330 and A320 models

In August 2012 we were contacted by a company in Brisbane asking if we could repair and repaint some large models they had acquired through an auction. They needed the large 1:50 scale A330 models (two of) and an A320 […]


Ever since I was very little, I have always had a fascination with the British Aerospatiale CONCORDE Super Sonic Transport (SST) as I was only 5 when she first flew and have seen it many times during the years on […]